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Victoria Vaksman, Director
Shared Objectives (Pty) Ltd.

Tel: +27 11 652-5122
E-mail: main@sharedobj.co.za

To whom it may concern

We have worked extensively with Arcadia Inc. (Planet Software Inc.) on our company's software projects. We have found them to be technically very competent and run with a great deal of organization. The Arcadia staff has demonstrated expertise in project management, configuration control, software testing and general design. We have found them to be a company with great integrity and high business ethics. They have been extremely customer-oriented in our dealings with them. The solutions they have offered to us have been of a very high quality and at very competitve rates. We have no hesitation in recommending them to any potential client and we plan to expand our own business relationship with them in the coming years.

Gordon Cook
COOK Network Consultants

431 Greenway Ave,
Ewing, NJ 08618
(609) 882-2572
Internet: cook@cookreport.com

To whom it may concern

I have known Arcady Khotin since the spring of 1994 when he had three employees and have been very impressed to watch Arcadia develop over the past five years to its present size of over 70 employees. My obeservation of Arcadia has been via the internet and no less than five visits to St Petersburg where I have spent time at his head quarters and gotten to know some of his employees. A remarkable and dedicated crew. Mr Khotin is an excellent manager who, in partnership with Philip Schwartz of Gainsville Florida, has grown Arcadia to the point where it remains highly effective and productive and has become a very serious player in the off shore programming business. His ability to find and hang onto excellent managerial and technical talent is quite impressive. Having an American citizen as partner and business manager in Florida from the very beginning gives Arcadia a competitive leg up in access, and operational and fiscal stability. Last summer's fiscal upheaval seems to have affected him not at all. He has become a very good friend and since I view him as a person of the higest integrity I have no hestitation in putting my owen reputation on the line by endorsing him and his business. Let me make it clear that while I have no financial or other interest in his business he has done some excellent work on my web pages. I have a PhD in Russian history. Therefore I have some understanding about the importance of the the success of his and other businesses for the future prosperity and stability of the Russian nation.

Steven J. Serenska, President
Landmark Development Company, Inc.
BangZoom Software, Inc.

Landmark Development Company, Inc.: Consulting Services and Packaged Software for the Banking, Securities, and Insurance Industries
BangZoom Software, Inc.: Shrink-wrap software for the Home Consumer.
Please see our complete product line at www.bangzoom.com

To whom it may concern

Planet Software, Inc. and its affiliated entity in Russia executed two software projects for us on behalf of a consulting client of ours. We found Planet's work to be excellent.
As both a service provider and a software publisher, we value the following from our offshore developers:
1) Timely delivery according to previously communicated estimates.
2) A demonstrated understanding of our business problems, including the ability to interpret our written specifications without an undue number of questions and misunderstandings.
3) Flexibility in terms of the development toolsets used.
4) Ability to contain development costs.
We found that Planet excelled in each of these areas. Planet's work is normally delivered in a two phase approach with the first phase amounting to a beta release. All issues we discovered during the first releases were resolved by the second. After nearly one year in use by 1,000 users, we have found Planet's code to be stable and reliable.
Finally, no reference for a service provider would be complete without an answer to the question, "Would you hire them again for future engagements?". The answer in Planet's case is: "Definitely".
If you have any other questions about Planet Software, we may be contacted through Planet.


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