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doing business with planet software

Planet Software Inc. is a 100% U.S. business. Our legal, banking and accounting relationships are all in the United States. You may elect to deal with our American or Russian office for your first contact. After sending us your project's specs (an NDA is no problem) we will provide you with either a fixed-price quote or a monthly development rate. We will then establish performance milestones and the payment which is due upon completion (and your acceptance) of each milestone. Your payments will be made to our U.S. bank. You have the convenience and security of dealing with an American business with the added benefit of a much lower development cost.

FTP site-access will be established for your project and we will send you work-in-progress according to the job's timetable. The Internet allows us to communicate with your staff as easily as if we were coding in the room next door.

You can e-mail, fax or phone (or Internet phone) us at any time to discuss any aspect of your project. All conversations will be in English. You are also welcome to visit us in St.Petersburg. We'll even give you a tour of the city after your tour of Arcadia Inc!



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